ASAP Rocky Has Been Arrested In Sweden

The rapper is suspected of aggravated assault, after various videos have been making rounds in the internet as from Sunday, 30th of June, where the rapper is seen punching another man in the streets of the capital Stockholm.

ASAP has also released his own videos where he claims that the gentleman that he is seen beating up has been following him for some time. In one of the videos that ASAP put out he wrote, “We don’t know these guys and we don’t want trouble. They followed us for four blocks.”

One of the men that followed ASAP and his team claim that ASAP’s group broke and damaged his headphones.

A$AP Rocky

The prosecution authorities say that the rapper is one of four people that have been arrested. Two of the other three men are also arrested for aggravated assault, while the other gentleman is arrested for assault.

Swedish prosecutors have until Saturday to decide whether to formally detain the artist. The Prosecution Authority told AFP they didn’t want to comment on the level of evidence since it was “too early in the investigation”.

ASAP Rocky was in Sweden for a concert when all of this took place.

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