In an interview with Joe Budden, Russ, an american rapper, songwriter and record producer, said he used to put out a song every week on soundcloud until blew up, and says he put out 10 projects in a span of four years.

The interview started with Russ addressing an issue he had with Joe Budden.

The issue Russ had basically started when Joe Budden used to work for complex in a show called Everyday Struggle. Nadeska, Joe Budden’s co-host at the time, had a back-and-fourth with Russ in one episode of Everyday Struggle, one of which Joe Budden couldn’t be available for.

Nadeska and Russ

The following episode is one where Russ took some offence from what Joe Budden had to say in support of his co-host Nadeska. What Joe basically did was basically run with a rumor claiming that Russ’s father worked for a record label called Columbia. In the interview Russ explains why this didn’t sit well with him.

As the interview went on, Russ and Joe got a little bit into how Russ managed to break through as an artist and Russ also shared how and why he put out more than 10 projects in a period of four years.

Russ went on to share why new and upcoming artists should put out more songs and not just depend on one song to help them break through or “blow up” as they call it.

Joe Budden and Russ

Russ says that he started by “stocking up” 26 songs, which is half a year going by his approach of putting out songs every week, and he also says he had a 14 track album ready so that when he blew up people could have a full project that they could judge him on.

He also said that when young and upcoming artists want to blow up, they should have a plan, discipline, foresight,and most importantly, self-belief.

He went on to share how quality music will always prevail. He made an example with his own songs that he had recorded while he had a following of only four thousand people. “These are now songs that have sold over 8/9 million records”

After sharing how he used to put out a song every week, he then explained why upcoming artists also need to have music “stocked up” somewhere and not just depend on one song they want to blow up with. “If I find out about you and like your song you blew up with, and I want to listen to you, and you have one song, I don’t even have a possibility to be your fan.”

Later in the interview Russ went on to talk about the perception that people have, especially about him, about “buying fans” to come to their shows.

Make sure you go to YouTube and watch the full Russ Pull Up interview with Joe Budden.

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