Is Cyber-Bullying A Real Thing?

I guess the first thing I should do is to define what Cyber-bullying is.

Basically cyber-bulling is defined by a lot of people as a form of bullying or harassment through the use of electronic devices. Other people prefer to simply call it online bullying.

Now that we are all on the same page as to what cyber-bullying is, I think I should not waste time and just answer the question. No. Cyber-bullying is not a real thing. Let me explain why.

If someone is pestering you through the internet/not physically and that gets to you then that just means you should look within because you might have a low self-esteem. Basically you don’t have confidence in yourself.

When you always look down on yourself, question everything you do, or let other people’s opinions about you dictate your moods, then you are likely to be one of the people that believe that cyber-bullying is a real thing.

I personally believe that when someone is pestering you online you have many options to ignore them and their presence.

The first option would be to report that person. For example, if that harassment takes place on Facebook you can easily report that user so that their account is deactivated or suspend.

The second option would be to block that person. By blocking them you simply helping yourself by not being able to see their comments or posts. If they create a new account you can simply block that new account. Simple.

Last but not least just ignore that person. This just simply means you are rising above the situation and showing that person that you are strong and you will not live your life based on how they feel or think about you.

As Tyler, The Creator once tweeted, ” Hahahahahahahaha How The Fuck Is Cyber Bullying Real Hahahaha Nigga Just Walk Away From The Screen Like Nigga Close Your Eyes Haha ”

Tell me what you think. Is cyber-bullying really a thing?

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