The moment we start loving ourselves a lot of things change in our lives. We start feeling good, we keep depression and anxiety at bay, and most importantly we build a relationship with ourselves, which is the most important relationship than all.

We all grew up in a world that told us to put others first, and that somehow made us feel like self-love is somewhat “too selfish”.

The sooner people realize that self-love is the foundation of who they are, the sooner they can start building on that foundation because without self-love everything in your life becomes shaky because it has no foundation.

I’m sure that there are a number of people that still do not understand fully the concept of self-love because of the following misconceptions. A lot of people think that self-love is being arrogant and having an ego, but it’s not. A lot of people think self-love is always about getting your way and putting yourself first at the expense of others. That is not self-love.

The simplest definition of self-love is knowing your worth and knowing your values and your boundaries.

Once you unlock that level of self-love life begins to move with more ease and a lot of things start to fall into place. You start building healthy relationships with people, your health improves, and life in general starts to feel ridiculously good.

You start to recognize and prioritize your needs. At this stage you will stop being dismissive of your needs because you think they are “selfish”. At the end of the day self-love is about doing what’s best for you.

The benefits of self-love are a win-win for all. Self-love gives you inner peace, confidence and fearlessness. You get to make decisions that a good for everyone around you and you get to rejoice for other people’s good fortune and not ask yourself “why not me?”. The more you love yourself, the more you become happier and the more everyone around you benefits.

Another important aspect of self-love is accountability and taking ownership. The only reason people always act as victims in situations they find themselves in is because they do not realize or take responsibility of their roles and actions in their experiences. Once you begin to take responsibility and love yourself, you start to view everything differently because in life we should all be learning lessons, not denying them.

Loving yourself is the best gift you could ever give yourself. Do not ever be apologetic about knowing your worth. So in conclusion, go ahead and have a deep, loving relationship with YOU!

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