My name is Sisonke Lwandile Mcaba and I’m an Applications Development student at the Durban University of Technology in South Africa, and on my spare time this is where you will find me.


It was 2018 when I stumbled upon an article about having your own website. At that time I had just moved to Durban to further my studies and at that moment that’s when I knew that I wanted to do this and have my own website.

I didn’t just jump straight into creating my own website because I wanted to do a little bit of research into it first, but when I finally did my research I was very excited about it.

One evening when I couldn’t sleep I just thought to myself “Let me create my own website”. I created a website – a personal one where I talk about various topics such as Sport, Pop-Culture, Politics, and many more. It didn’t even take me a whole lot of time and my site was up and running.